Tonses Moment

My home country the Republic of Malawi is going through one of the most extra ordinary times of our lives. Just two days ago Malawians went to the polls to vote in an election rerun for the very first time in Independent Malawi. On 3 February 2020 the Constitutional Court of Malawi nullified the presidental elections that took place in May 2019 due to irregularities surrounding the polls. The President went on to appeal several times until his final blow when the supreme Court of appeal upheld the decision of the Constitutional Court.

Just at the last minute the president tried to fire the chief justice a poorly made decision. Across Malawi lawyers went on to protest in defence of the Judiciary as they felt the president had over stepped his authority. His campaign was also last minute full of apologies for unfulfilled promises begging for a second term to fulfill his promises which was ill timed. The opposition coalition under the Tonse Alliance did not waste time they began campaigning soon after the Constitutional Court nullified the results in February there message had already reached the masses whilist the president was busy appealing the court decision. All said and done Malawi will be having a new leader just before it turns 56 years of independence.

Lazarus Chakwera the torch bearer of the Tonse Alliance has been leading in all unofficial results. Congratulatory messages have already started coming from all corners of the world. Chakwera is the next president of Republic of Malawi with a majority vote.

Malawi’s president elect Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

Peter Mutharika Malawi’s weakest leader ever a man of unfulfilled promises. Mutharika is credited for bringing down inflation to a single digit and a stable currency. His loss will be blamed on living in denial of court decisions, insulting the Judiciary and rising corruption under his administration.

Outgoing President Prof. Peter Arthur Mutharika.

The Military is perhaps Malawi’s most trusted institution. Defending the Constitution, civilians and acting professional despite the situation. Malawi remains one of the world’s most peaceful nation.

General Vincent Nundwe

The Judiciary shocked the world on 3 February 2020 reading a 500 page report that nullified the May 2019 Presidential elections. Malawi became the second African nation to have presidential elections nullified. Credit goes to the chief justice justice Nyirenda for being professional and declining a 100milion kwacha bribe from Mutharikas associate and banker.

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda

The road ahead is an uphill task will Mutharika accept defeat and handover power smoothly. Will Chakwera be the Man to deliver the much needed change that Malawi society urgently need to progress. Tonse moment a successful alliance.


  1. Love your work brother stay at .You’ve always been passionate about politics seeing doing it makes me happy . God bless you .


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