The Five Main Shopping centre

Since the beginning of the new millennium Malawi has witnessed a boom in modern shopping centres across the nation. Which has resulted in the entry of multinational chains like game, shoprite, pep, galitos, steers, etc.

Weather its for hanging out with friends, family, shopping, dates, etc. They are enough malls in Malawi to keep you busy and get you all excited. These are the five Main shopping centres it terms of size and facilities. They are many more shopping centres around we just decided on the five main ones. If you want to enjoy some retail therapy all of them have a pharmacy, electronics retailer, gift shop, stationery store, bookshop and branches of Game and Shoprite supermarkets, food courts, etc.

The five main shopping centres in Malawi are:

Chichiri shopping centre, Blantyre.
Lilongwe city mall
Mzuzu mall, Mzuzu
The Gateway Mall
Nico centre

All the mentioned shopping centre are easily accessible by public transport. Free ample car parking space. For Lilongwe city mall they is an inter city coach terminal for sososo coaches which oparate Blantyre – Lilongwe twice daily.

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  1. Best blog i have ever read in my entire life keep up the good writing sir. Its nice seeing shopping centres in Malawi


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