Nyika republic can work and be one of the emerging nations in Africa. A nation of peace, democracy with vibrant economy and high living standards. Just as our elders say “if you don’t plan you plan to fail”.

Nyika republic will be nation desperate for all things that’s infrastructure development in terms of roads, power, healthcare, education, agriculture, housing, transport, industry, etc. First things first Nyika will need a planning and development commission that will have to consult and draft up a roadmap toward implementation.

Power supply it will be wise they start by going green. Replace the diesel power plant in Mzuzu and likoma island with mini solar power stations. Solar is clean energy just expensive to implement but affordable to maintain. The current diesel plants should be maintained for back up supply.

Education Nyika should set high standards for its own educational system. Every school student should have a desk, chair and locker. Its educational system should be revised from time to time to meet up its own industrial and global demands. Construction of primary and secondary schools in each district and sufficient tertiary institutions.

Health as they say an effective healthcare system ensures healthy citizens. Access to affordable healthcare and within the reach of the people should be a priority. Ensure that every healthcare centre has the minimum requirements and equipment to meet the needs of patients without the need of being referred to another healthcare centre.

To ensure that basic services are within the reach of people a police station, clinic, fire fighting should be built together within the plot. As they all work together as service to the citizens.

Regional relations Nyika Republic will need to have true feasibility study on who to join the southern bloc SADC or the eastren bloc EAC. As a landlocked nation access to the sea should be key to good relationships with all neighbours.

To be continued part 2

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