Impact of Christianity in the global arena.

Christianity makes a great impact in the lives of millions of people across the world. In recent years we have witnessed the mushroom of many different christian organisations that continuous impact more lives in different ways.

The role of Christianity is sometimes underestimated, how much it has transformed lives in some of the most remote communities across the globe.

Christian organisations have brought hope and lifted up many many lives out of poverty. You look at mission schools across Africa some of them are located in the most remote of places. In these remote areas they have brought a lot of hope to some communities that would otherwise not have had the chance to go to school government’s have not been effective in building up educational facilities in remote areas which the church has done.

The church has constructed health care centers in villages where people don’t need to wait for the bus to travel to urban areas to receive treatment. The church has helped save lives by ensuring health care centers are within reach, have enough health workers, adequate drugs, etc

Orphanage and elderly the church has done great works and taken care of orphan’s in a number of ways some have been housed in church based orphanages while some have been provided for through educational scholarships, meals, etc.

In disaster periods the church has been one of the largest relief aid contributor that is meals, shelter, blankets, heating, health care facilities, aid workers, counselling etc.

The christian community can still do more to continuous uplift people out of poverty. The church has to be commended for the good work they do. Let’s be proud of our role in the global arena.

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  1. Christian funded organisations have really played a big role in some of the most remote of areas.


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