Where did we go wrong?

In the 1960’s most African economies where larger than Asian economies. Today fifty years later Asian economies are way larger that africa’s. The big question is where did we really go wrong?

During colonial times our leaders who were leading the fight against colonialism made promises that brought alot of hope for a bright future. Our main enemies where oppression, poverty, underdevelopment, illiteracy, etc. Looking at our enemies and promises made the future of Africa was looking very bright, promising a prosperous continent.

Came independent Africa most leaders they began

  • Socialism and dictatorship system. 
  • Nationalization of major industries, 
  • Economic mismanagement, 
  • nepotism, 
  • misplaced priorities, etc. 

This was the beginning of the economic decline in Africa.

Where did we go wrong

The promises made where soon forgotten by our leaders as they started enriching themselves and they close allys. Today fifty something year’s as a result of poor leadership style in most African states

  • More people face hunger unlike colonial times.
  • Economic wealth has been transferred from a few whites to a few black elite.
  • Poverty levels are higher than before.
  • Housing shortage and poor sanitation.
  • More dependent on aid than trade.
  • High debt’s some unsustainable.
  • Poor accountability systems for those in power.

In my personal opinion misplaced priorities is where we went wrong. But the future of Africa looks brighter provided the youth get involved in decision making and right priorities are put in place with strong accountability mechanism in place.

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