We need real REFORMERS to transform our nation. We shouldn’t except any real change when we have a leadership that is careless. True leaders are those who take the right step weather it will compromise they political career or not.

We cannot except to be a progressive Malawi without progressive policies and political will. Issue of reforms should not just be about talk but action lets implement them rightly.

One of our main challenges in our society is a lack of urgency. We have challenges that date back way before independence and yet up to nothing has been done to change the situation. We need real reformers who are willing to take the bold step. We need both economic, political and social reforms but first things first change in mindset.

Bold economic reforms are a necessary evil. Malawi is an agricultural economy government needs to draft and implement policies to ensure the nation return to its food secure status. In face of climate change farmers now face unreliable rainfall which automatically leads to food deficit. Agriculture wise Malawi government has to mobilise resources to spread out the irrigation system nationally.

Agriculture reforms: Malawi government needs to be bold to mobilise resources and roll out a nationwide irrigation system, an effective inputs distribution system, recapitalise Admarc to pay farmer’s timely, improve storage facilities, etc. 

Economic reforms: we need well capitalised financial institutions, low interest rates, fight corruption, creation of special/free economic zones, upgrade infrastructure, improve housing, access to RELIABLE power and water supply.

The civil service reform commission has been slow in action and loud in talking. Malawi government needs to work with realistic plans with a set time frame. Citizens need to know of progress made so far and challenges faced its they right to be informed since the commission is taxpayer funded.

The main challenges that has made Malawi remain behind is lack of accountability in government. We need reforms finance ministry should give detailed report of how money has been spend, President must report to parliament for a question and answer session. Opposition needs to make sure government is accounted to take necessary action in the best interest of the nation.

Reforms are necessary if we are to be progressive Malawi.

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