Wake up to reality:

We recently celebrated fifty two years of independence. Where are the promises made in 1964 and those made in 1994 at the birth of Multi-party system.

As a nation we have made some gains and losses. Starting with gains made in 1964 we did not have a local university, brewer, textile industry, modern airport, enough healthcare centres, airline,etc. We where too fragile to be independent from 1964 to 1966 Malawi was a commonwealth realm under her majesty Queen Elizabeth as head of state, Kamuzu Banda as head of government. Came 6 July 1966  Malawi become a republic offically.

The Leadership was so focused on transformation of the new fragile state. They first started building up school’s to educate the locals, construct houses, health care centres and roads. For a while seemed like a step in the right direction. Agriculture as the key backbone of the economy framers clubs where established to improve output and land usage.

The major project to be taken was moving the capital city from Zomba to Lilongwe which faced major resistance both locally and internationally. Kamuzu was determined to make sure Lilongwe is turned into the capital city he flew to South Africa to seek funding for his project as the west had refused to provide the much need finance. As months came by then years Lilongwe became the capital city as most government offices where moved from Zomba to Lilongwe. It all happened because of determination to achieve the dream. Lilongwe witnessed a construction boom of government complexes, international airport, housing, offices, central hospital, hotels, reserve bank, improved electricity supply, etc.

Fast forward to 1994 the birth of Multi-party system people where promised freedom, improved sanitation, housing, electricity, quality education, etc. Good promises it was a new dawn of hope things that citizens where looking forward believing the one party system was never going to do. The northern region witness the establishment of the second national university in Mzuzu (Mzuzu university), a high court, nationally a television station and mushroom of private owned radio station, private newspapers, a stock exchange market in Blantyre, sadly the disposal of government firms being privatised resulted in job loss to make them commercial viable for the new owners. Generally we have made so positive gains as a nation.

Today fifty two years later we are blessed with Lake Malawi a fresh water lake ranked as the ninth largest in the world. We blessed with fresh water yet Malawians still lack access to clean water supply. Lets wake up to reality our lake is a blessing. Agriculture framers still depend on rain water instead of irrigating and growing crops all year round.

Electricity only nine percent are connected to an unreliable power supply. We blessed with solar, fifty two years still using the same power generation system left by Britain. We have places that are extremely hot we should be having solar power generation across the lake shore its very windy we should be generating wind power. Let’s wake up to reality and improve our nation we should target hunderd percent power supply we located on a geographical position full of potential.

The agriculture boom seems to have come to an end. We have now started to witness harvest deficit which should be a wake up call. Farmers need new techniques in the face of climate change. Malawi government and citizens need to wake up and find a solution for improved food security. Government must brace and look for resources to fully implement irrigation nationwide. In winter we need the land is left bare should they be irrigation people will could grow wheat a winter crop which Malawi imports 99.8% according to government statically.

Road construction and maintenance is a costly exercise the funds are raise through fuel levy but tends to be insufficient. In recent years we have witnessed road construction boom which has been a positive step and a burden to maintain. Waking up to reality we need expand reveune collection among others we need tollgates to along all major highways. For a start only buses and trucks should pay.

As Malawian citizens we just need to wake up to reality. Its time we need ti make our nation work. Lets Malawi a vibrant society for future generations deserve to find a just and progressive state.

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