Malawi health sector is one of a kind in the world espcially for a nation considered to be among the poorest. Malawians are previliged to be receiving free healthcare in public clinics and hospitals.

Time has come when aid should not be paying for our health services. It might seem harsh but we should now learn to fund our health sector using local resources. If the Malawi government  charges lets say MK20.00 on all payslips as one way of funding or companies should contribute atleast 0,05%  of there wage bill to the national health fund. Funding can come from the Malawi revenue authority should commit atleast 5% of they collects to the national health fund.

The purpose of the National health fund is to fund the health sector using local resources. To be a bit specfic on its functions and duties
-fund the maintance of all public clinics and hospitals.
-Purchase all medications.
-Purchase all uniforms for health workers.
-Purchase food for clinics & hospitals.
– buy beds and all furnish required.
And all other requirements that need huge financing. Health care sector salaries should not come from the national health fund the should fall under the public service salaries so as to not over burden the national health fund with a wage bill.

The management of the national health fund should be based on merit and not political  favour. To be transparent with citizens hard earned money the management should account to parliament once a month and also all accounting and audit reports should be made public.

Suzgo chingati is a trained entrepreuner. He writes in his personal capacity.

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